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After his failed romance with Brigitte Nielsen, Flavor Flav is ready for a new and true romance. In Flavor of Love, 20 single women from all walks of life, selected for their expressed love for Flav, will move into a "phat crib" in Los Angeles and vie for his affection. With help and advice from Big Rick, Flav's gigantic body-guard and chauffeur, Flavor Flav will date all of the women, weed out the ones who are only after his fame and fortune...and in the end will choose his one true love. Along the way, Flav will put the ladies through several challenges including a lie-detector test administered by Brigitte Nielsen herself, a cooking contest judged by Flav's own mother, and the dreaded blind-fold sniff test! Plus, there will be several other surprises throughout this ten-part series including clock ceremonies, dates at Red Lobster, and a new set of gold teeth signifying true lo...

Flavor of Love - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-01-01

Flavor of Love - Flavor of Love (season 3) - Netflix

The third season of the VH1 reality television series Flavor of Love brings female contestants into the mansion of Flavor Flav to compete for his love. The third season premiered on February 11, 2008, featuring 25 contestants.

Flavor of Love - "Reunion: After The Lovin'" - Netflix

First aired May 26, 2008 On the reunion episode, Flav and 20 girls (5 girls did not show up) talk about what happened on the show and what is going on in the lives right now. The first to be brought out to speak on the show was Sommore, who felt the show was a bad alternative to meet a man. The first contestant from the show to be brought on the stage by Sommore was Ice. Ice explains that she was only on the show to get where she needed to be and she admitted to Flav that them as a couple would never happen. Next to be brought to the stage was Shy, who was upset at how she was portrayed on Flavor of Love. She and Prancer then talk about the disease their mothers had/have and Flav respects their modesty. Next up were Hotlanta and Sinceer who talk about their constant drinking on the show and how they felt about being on the show. Sinceer gets into an argument with Seezinz which almost turns into violence. Afterwards, Black comes up and explains that her and Flav had a lot of kindling off-camera and that she is very shy and takes a long time to open up her feelings and she wished she had done so. Finally, Thing 2 and Flav reunite and share that their relationship as a couple had ended and Flav has begun his relationship with his son Karma's mother. The show ends when Flav proposes on stage to Liz, Karma's mother. Contestants Who Did Attend: Tik, El, St. Lewis, Ice, Rayna, Gravyee, Bee-Ex, Bunz, Myammee, Shy, Prancer, Luscious D, Hotlanta, Prototype, Thing 1, Thing 2, Tree, Seezinz, Sinceer, Black Contestants Who Did Not Attend: Savanna, Shore-Tee, Dymz, Peechee, Q-Tee

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